As the userbase of Click grows, more and more major feature requests pop up in Click's bugtracker. As reasonable as it may be for those features to be bundled with Click instead of being a standalone project, many of those requested features are either highly experimental or have unproven practical use, while potentially being a burden to maintain.

This is why click-contrib exists. The GitHub organization is a collection of possibly experimental third-party packages whose featureset does not belong into Click, but also a playground for major features that may be added to Click in the future. It is also meant to coordinate and concentrate effort on writing third-party extensions for Click, and to ease the effort of searching for such extensions. In that sense it could be described as a low-maintenance alternative to extension repositories of other frameworks.

Please note that the quality and stability of those packages may be different than what you expect from Click itself. While published under a common organization, they are still projects separate from Click.